Metro-West Medical Center

THE CHALLENGE – With no suitable stairway or elevator shaft access, perform the rig of the system’s 10,000# gantry section to the facility’s basement floor Cancer Care Department.

THE SOLUTION – An otherwise inaccessible destination, O.B. Hill personnel erected an engineered exterior shoring tower; and then crane hoisted a structural steel beam of suitable capacity through a second story window onto an interior upper floor inside the facility with the opposite end of the beam on top of the shoring tower outside.

The gantry itself was rigged at ground level into the facility through the front door and then to an atrium at the rear of the facility. There the gantry was hoisted by chainfalls and lowered down two stories, with only inches to spare between the walls of the atrium, to the basement floor.

Once landed on the basement floor, the gantry was rigged by OB Hill personnel through very dimensionally tight doorways and hallways, and on into the patient treatment room for final placement.

There our crew went to work on assisting with the assembly of the state of the art linear accelerator system which would be implemented by the medical center for the treatment of cancer patients.

Upon completion of the project the steel hoisting beam and shoring system was dismantled and stored at O.B.Hill’s Natick warehouse for such future site operations.