Trucking Services

O.B. Hill Trucking & Rigging Co., Inc offers heavy and specialized transportation as well as flatbed/lowbed and forklift service. You can be assured that we will have specialized airride trucks and trailers for your specific needs.

We provide full service, turnkey operations for the relocation of oversized/overweight equipment, including route planning, escort services, permit acquisition for all the New England area and the coordination of police and utility companies.

Additionally we also offer expedited services to include coordination, loading, delivering and unloading of customers’ goods. Whatever the time of day you need your goods delivered by O.B. Hill, we will be there.

We can provide airride trucks and trailers to transport medical and other delicate equipment, flatbeds and lowbeds for building/construction materials such as concrete and steel fabrications. We have the capability to relocate specialty size and weight articles such as diners, railcars and transformers.

O.B. Hill is recognized as a reputable company that can perform these challenging equipment installations without incident; and we are insured and credentialed to transport customer goods to and from airports and container shipping ports, making the pick up simple and fuss free.

With a well maintained fleet of airride trucks and trailers, flatbed, lowbed and other specialized trucks and trailers to provide the transportation of heavy, delicate, high value equipment along with our skilled rigging project managers, you can be assured, no matter what your needs, that we will be standing by ready to work with you.

Call us to discuss your upcoming project Natick 508-653-2071 and Boston 781-344-4090 or email us at

O.B. Hill full service transportation provider in Boston, Massachusetts and New England.